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I loved this game. I hope it gets done soon. :3 I want to play more and more. The game creator really knows how to make perfect histories. S2


This is a fun little game. It definitely needs to be more fleshed out in some way or another, wether it be in game form or something else. I defenitely think you should do more with the story. The characters and setting are just so interesting.

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make more p.s i love the art


The status of the game says "prototype" - is it a finished story anyway, or is it more like a demo? I'm curious about it anyway, but I'd like to know beforehand - so I won't be expecting a full game if it isn't haha!

Thank you!

its a very short complete story  game that i may continue on some day.


Okay, thank you! Then I'll comment again once I'll play it!


I enjoyed the story and the mystery of the Sargasso. When the monster appeared the first time, things got quite interesting!